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Quotes I enjoy helping someone lose weight or feel better about the way they look and of course?the money is nice, too! Quotes
Tricia Jordan
Atlanta, GA

Quotes I love Fat Fighters! I enjoyed my vacation cruise without my typical weight gain! Quotes
Land O? Lakes, FL

Quotes I can't believe how youthful my skin feels & looks after just 2 days Quotes

Quotes ?I went from age 51 to 54, but look 15 years younger with the Facial Applicator!? Quotes
Tampa, Florida

Quotes I know it is hard to believe but I lost over 7 inches total in 24 hours, and 11 total using one stomach application. I know it sounds too good to be true, I felt the same way about the product but it's not! I am so happy I got to try them out. I got so excited about my results that I decided to start selling this product to others and try to turn it into a business. Quotes

Quotes I was diagnosed with PCOS almost 8 years ago, but I suffered with it since I was 13. Since I only had maximum 2-4 cycles a year, my family doctor and my gyno both told me that having kids would be very hard to not at all. I started taking confianza March/09...I went off my pill in May/09. I am not pregnant...YET, but I have not missed a cycle since!!! That, in my eyes, is a miracle!!! My pcos was really bad, migraines, rash on my face...I was SICK!!! When I finally got myself going I got a really bad bacterial infection!!! So, my rep, gave me a bottle of greens....and within 2 weeks I was feeling like myself! !!!! The bottom line is...detoxing my body has been life changing...and I want everyone to feel as relieved as I do every day. I hope this helps someone out there. Quotes
Laura Ross
PCOS is fixed

Quotes I have Crohn?s Disease and wouldn?t suggest the Fat Fighter. But I tried the It's Regular -- I have had three bowel resections and have a lot of difficulty tolerating any supplements. I have found, that wrapping once a week has improved things too. That way the vitamins are being absorbed topically. Quotes
Jessie Clark
Experience with Chrohn's

Quotes Pat has had Crohn's disease since 1997. When finally diagnosed he ended up with surgery to remove a large mass that had twisted up his lower and upper GI. The surgery took 18 inches of his lower and upper colon and also they removed the valve between the stomach and intestines. So basically Pat had no control over when he needed to go to the bathroom. Usually after every meal he would be in the bathroom within 5 minutes of eating, because of the type of Crohn's he has and because of no valve. Now after being on the Vital and It's Regular, he also takes Confianza, he has more control, does not have the diarrhea his BM is more solid. When Pat had his two year colonoscopy, the Dr was amazed at how well his colon looked and there was no polyps needing to be removed. The first ever on that. The Dr couldn't say enough about how well Pat looked and how well his colon looked and told us to keep up whatever it was we were doing. He hasn?t had a flair up since he started taking them. Quotes
Pat - Told by Rep
Chrohn's disease

Quotes I have been suffering BADLY with what the DR's say is a sciatic nerve, since July 09, it got to the point (and my fellow Aussie Distributor) , and of course my family can also confirm, that some days I would not be able to be standing then try and sit without extreme pain. Pushing a shopping trolley was a no, no. I have spent hundreds of dollars on DR's and Chiropractor appointments, that have helped slightly for a day then the next day the pain is back. I have used just ONE wrap on this thigh (the left one), and I only said to a friend last night, that since using the wrap, the pain has been 80% better! She of course rolled her eyes as if I was going crazy. But after reading your comments also, I can confirm I certainly am not going crazy and that if I wasnt already convinced that the ITworks products work, I would be now! But after seeing person after person (apart from my one lady) get such good results, how could anyone doubt them. :-) Quotes
Fi Lowry
Sciatic Nerve problems

Quotes I quit taking fat fighter about a month ago. Honestly just kinda got off routine. Well my IBS has been soooooooooo bad over the past few weeks. Literally EVERYDAY my stomach hurt, felt bloated or had a major burny sensation, again EVERYDAY and ALL DAY! Pretty much miserable. Well 2 days ago I started taking the fat fighter again. I take 2 about 15-30 min after lunch and dinner. This morning I woke up and my stomach has NO burny sensation, NO bloating and feels totally normal! In just 2 days Fat Fighter got my IBS under control! I just reconfirmed my love for the fat fighter!!! My stomach had not felt like this since I quit taking the fat fighters over a month ago. I have literally tried everything under the sun to take away the irritation of IBS-C and NOTHING works like Fat Fighter. I've even had prescriptions from the doctor to try to help and NOTHING makes me feel normal in my stomach but the fat fighter Quotes
J. Buttleri
I had IBS, not anymore
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  • "?I went from age 51 to 54, but look 15 years younger with the Facial Applicator!? "
    Tampa, Florida